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Impedance & power calculations of loudspeaker combinations

This open office spreadsheet allows you to choose the best wiring configuration (series, parallel, combination of both) depending on your loudspeakers, amplifiers and specific needs. This can be quite helpful for some installations.

You can download it here . English version is on the second sheet of the document.


Alimentation, preamp & mixer for 5 electrets mics


I made this thing for a specific installation and found it thing quite useful, so maybe someone else can appreciate it too. But if you need an audiophile sound quality, don't waste your time building this.

Schematic here.


Crcl (2006)


This Max/Msp patch was conceived for a concert in a church with a quadriphonic sound system. It works with 4 channels, each one can send a signal which moves circularly in the quadriphonic space.The signals can be simple waveforms as well as more complex ones and external sources. Each channel can be independant or driven by a master controller. The major part of the parameters can be directed by a basic semi-aleatoric sequencer whose limits of action can be chosen (for example : the range of the low frequency oscillator has to be something between X and Y). There is also a midi learn mode for external controllers. But there is no save or presets fonction yet. This patch was done for personal needs and can seem rather obscure at first sight so here's a commented screenshot for clarification (let's hope).


The Standalone version for mac osx : crcl

The Collective Patch (needs Max/Msp Runtime) :


Patches/sources :

To use and modify sources, you'll need to download the Multiout~ and Panpot~ externals (which are necessary for the circular movements) from the gmem website.