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Tilt (Yvan Etienne & Brice Jeannin) is working on sound installations, contextual projects and concerts. Conceived in-situ, their proposals are constructed as perceptive tools and thought for/in an environment, where listening questions the identity of a given space.


2008 - Arc et Senans - Nuit Bleue - Tilt & the Noiser - live

Video sur le site Libr-critique - 2007 - Lille - Sound is Poetry, Poetry is Music - live

2006 - Bend

2004 - Concert Bourogne - EMG - live


Full Wood Party (2008)

An installation / workshop by Tilt in a woodshed at Area10 (Peckham-London) during Reboot Festival. We used tweeters and piezo transducers to diffuse sound textures across the room and to experiment with resonances of objects. Loud bass sounds were provided by car and plane traffic as we were working with higher frequencies, using computers and homemade patchbays, amplifiers and synthetiser.

1 recording



Vasselin (2007)


A three days workshop in a village among hills & rivers from Isère, organised by Centre du Son. Our activity was to collect sounds, work out a small sound system with several networks of tweeters and start a creation practice with recorded sounds.


The soundscape which evolves in this context is a construction based on the experience of a particular environment, it forms a flux which is constantly transformed by new sounds, changes in the mode or the tools of diffusion, different mix options...