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Ponds (2006/2007)

Ponds is a work-in-progress sound environment, based on a changing modular structure of many transducers, speakers, amplifiers, electronic devices and software tools. Its proposal is to develop relations between the sounding activities of several places. This means that a sound event occuring somewhere can cause something else somewhere else. Then one must choose some rules and systems to play with this idea.

We conceive, assemble and use them in a temporality of experience : the work does not lead towards an achievement and an exhibition, but tends to a situation where we can share and create simultaneously. It tries to combine the space of an installation work, the reactivity of concerts and the research/listening times in an evolving sound environment.

It is built and re-built in a non-linear way and echoes the complexity of our perception (active and present as a creative processus can be). The work in this environment is also its use, the "play" which happens inside and organizes things, producing a complex and composite landscape.

3 recordings in a large room. The sound comes from networks of many small speakers on the floor. There are also microphones and a software which aim is to build a kind of audio cellular automata through the room.