brice jeannin












l'abri (2021)



This took place in a curious shelter on top of the hill which faces the castle in Wesserling.

Nothing here clearly states what is the purpose of this building. We don't know what it is and why it's here. Anyway it has a roof and could be a kind of shelter. It looks like it is quite recent and solid but also unfinished. There's no walls and it lacks some roof tiles. It is oriented towards the castle and could be a viewpoint but some big trees just in front do not permit this. This place is probably sometimes a meeting point as evidenced by the fire blackened stones arranged like a campfire.

During a few hours on the afternoon on 18th September 2021, this place exists in a sligthly different way. It is still a (supposed) shelter and still strangely situated, but getting closer to it one can see two triangles inserted in the carpentry. These are quite evidently exogenous, especially since they are radiating sounds.

From a quite derelict and peripheral place because of its state and situation, the shelter becomes temporarily the centre of a discrete activity. There are visual and sonic clues that tells us something happens or could happen.

This piece is a layer which comes on top of the construction, it appears and disappears quickly, without traces.